Basic Electronics


Your Op-amp needs this power supply circuit

Hei there, welcome to another tutorial from Aaenics. Today we want to learn something special when it comes to working with Operational amplifiers. Its more…

Introductioin to Operational Amplifiers

If you are reading this article then at least you are aware that computers and electronics devices reason, trade, communicate, take decisions or generally operate…
555 timer in astable mode

The Astable mode of the 555 timer

From my previous post about the 555 timer, I made it clear that the 555 timer can be used to build 3 different kind of…

Arduino microcontroller electronics and programming

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Digitize Your Soil With A Sensor

Overview In this section you will learn how to use the soil moisture sensor. With a practical example to help you grab the concept. What…
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Using the dual axis analog joystick module

Where are the game center squad? Do you remember those guys behind the UCOM game pad who would be like “oh as for me I play FIFA well with analog”…

Extracting the raw sound waves

Did you know that humans have a hearing range between 20Hz and 20kHz? and even the fact that as we grow older our hearing becomes…

For we the Newbies

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Addressing the Newbie Passions!

Since the days the worlds were formed by the Great I Am, humanity has never stopped expressing the creative power that was embeded in us since day 1! From before…
maker desk stuff

You can still be the Maker you wanted to be!

I haven't been on the planet for more years than you may expect. But Ive met people, Ive known people, Ive heard stories. Stories of some as young as myself,…