• 12 Lessons

    Introduction to the Arduino microcontroller Platform

    Arduino is the new cool when it comes to getting started with microcontrollers, electronics, robotics, IOT, AI and many more. You probably may have bought an Arduino kit from the Aaenics store and are wondering how you can get strated. This short Arduino course is the first introductory course you should take if you are willing to delve into the amazing world of arduino and microcontroller electronics and programing at large. In this course you will learn what actually arduino is and what it is not, you will also know where arduino came from and where it is going to take us. We will look at some details of the arduino board and what some components on the hardware actually do. We will also look at how the arduino hardware relates with the software and how to use them together. We will also build some awesome projects along line that will get your mind open to great possibilities and how you can go about your future projects. Get your Arduino kits ready and lets do this thing. Enroll and lets start circuiting the future!
  • 6 Lessons

    The Arduino Microcontroller Platform Continues : “Speed Course”

    Hei so thats it!!! Welcome to another short and exciting series on the Arduino Microcontroller platform. It is is my assumption that if you are checking this speed course out then you may have taken the previous introductory course to the Arduino Microcontroller platform or perhaps you already have some knowledge on basic microcontroller electronics and programming and you want to climb higher on this road. So moving forward, this course aims to capture more super fantastic topics and projects and also guide you to be farmiliar with the rest of the components, modules and addons in the Aaenics Arduino Starter Kit or any other basic microcontroller kit you have in your Arsenal. As usual lets not waste much time, get your armor ready and lets delve into this!!!