Introduction to the Arduino microcontroller Platform

Arduino is the new cool when it comes to getting started with microcontrollers, electronics, robotics, IOT, AI and many more. You probably may have bought an Arduino kit from the Aaenics store and are wondering how you can get strated. This short Arduino course is the first introductory course you should take if you are willing to delve into the amazing world of arduino and microcontroller electronics and programing at large. In this course you will learn what actually arduino is and what it is not, you will also know where arduino came from and where it is going to take us. We will look at some details of the arduino board and what some components on the hardware actually do. We will also look at how the arduino hardware relates with the software and how to use them together. We will also build some awesome projects along line that will get your mind open to great possibilities and how you can go about your future projects. Get your Arduino kits ready and lets do this thing. Enroll and lets start circuiting the future!
aaenics · 21st December 2019

You will need the following to be able to prosper in this course

  1. A computer
  2. Arduino Starter kit
  3. Determination

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    1. Wonderful, am glad you did.
      There is surely more also coming.
      And dont forget to share pictures of you little makes with the community too.

    1. Wonderful Ernest!
      There are even more cool courses in the shelf that our tutors and contributers will be publishing soon.
      Stay connected to the revolution sir.

  1. Hello Geniuses, this big comment section is for you so whatever comes in mind while taking a lesson can be written here. Whether it is a question or a contribution, feel free to leave it right here an I know it will be helpful to both you and the entire community!