You can still be the Maker you wanted to be!

I haven't been on the planet for more years than you may expect. But Ive met people, Ive known people, Ive heard stories. Stories of some as young as myself, some older, some younger, who have actually in one point in time developed interests for understanding the world around us, especially the Technological world.

There are aslo people who are comfortable with just knowing how to use a technology. Let say a mobile phone, which happens to be the most common device today. Many people are happy and just satisfied with the fact that they can make calls with the phone, they can take pictures, tweet a phrase for the whole world to see within seconds and many more.

Strangely, some of us are just not satisfied. with being consumers of the technology. We are not comfortable with just knowing how to use it. We actually want to know what goes on in that piece of rectangle that is performing so brilliantly. We wish we could build ours. We wish to invent or come up with our own Technologies. From personal experience and stories I've heard from people, these desires are either from birth or stimulated by external stuff as we grow up, or mostly both. "Jimy Neutron" was one of my favorite cartoon characters. I wished  to be as genius as he was. Maybe you can relate.

In this article I am attempting to call out to all who think it is impossible to attain such goals and dreams in our so called unfortunate African setting where it sounds super abstract to come up with an invention. Yes its true, it's pretty difficult to let such desires survive here, especially when it comes to the unavailability of resources to explore the world of electronics and robotics. The story is changing now but its only unfortunate that we have come into realization of joining the technological revolution at a later time when the likes of India, china, Turkey, USA and co are using bullet trains. and some have already started exploring space with luxury.

However, "better late than never"! Am one of the fortunate people in Ghana  who have tried to survive the hard condition. I've been so curious to understand machines, Ive destroyed my fathers radio before, I've opened up televisions in attempt fix it but couldn't. Ive always wanted to know how electronic devices talk to each other, Ive attempted to build robots and many more. There's been many disappointments with myself and people who have looked up to me. But I believe I have cracked the code already. I know there are a few of you out there too, I believe you'd want to know me, and I want to know us all too.  We can reach there, we can help others to also keep their interest boiling, we can shoot hope into the skies of Africa.

Aaenics started as a #hashtag on social media. I used to experiment and build electronics and robotics  stuff in my little space, and I would post them on my instagram just for the fun. Today the Aaenics community is connecting people like yourself and is hosting a pool of resources through articles, video and picture tutorials and a wide catalogue of electronics and robotics products and components to get even a beginner started with understanding the world of electronics, programming, Robotics and delving into advance systems. I am calling out to us all, don't give up on the dream, you can still be the maker, inventor, hobbyist or innovator you've always wanted to be.

At Aaenics_labs we are building Techs, some are still immature and some are in the pipelines, and they will come to market as the company advances. We want to play a major role in the African revolution but we don't want to do it by just building ourselves as a company but we want to grow together with the African community of makers. We want to see more Ghanaians and Africans become real deals than just academic materials who have populated the continent but doing nothing positive to affect it.

We can change the narrative of Africa. We need more makers, inventors and hobbyists.. Welcome to the Aaenics community, welcome to a growing Technological space in Africa!

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