The UM@T community is fed up being just academic materials. Right from the basics of electronics, Aaenics drives the passion of building electronics in students who are just willing to climb to the top. Inventions are not far from you once you have the passion to keep going. 

So far, the average member of Aaenics_UM@T is abreast with practical experiences from using the breadboard, toggling LEDsusing the potentiometer, building circuits with the LDR, building voltage dividers, and building their own digital command circuits

Next week, they are moving all the way to Analog command circuits. Building an optimus prime is not far from today.

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Using the dual axis analog joystick module

Where are the game center squad?
Do you remember those guys behind the UCOM game pad who would be like “oh as for me I play FIFA well with analog” and at the end of the day they would still loose the match, eiiiii?
You know what, today we will be doing something more technical and fantastic with one of the joystick modules.
We will learn how to harvest the x and y coordinates out of the joystick and use it to control things in real life…..

Addressing the Newbie Passions!

Since the days the worlds were formed by the Great I Am, humanity has never stopped expressing the creative power that was embeded in us since day 1! From before the agricultural age through the 1st industrial revolution to the 4th revolution on whose gates I stand and write today, there has always been the need to invent new things or make a way of life better than a previous.


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