The ADXL335 Accelerometer

 How true was what we knew about  this accelerometer module, how sharp could this be. Could we trust it to help our robots balance themselves rightly, what can it really do?

Not until this simple project, no decision was taken. So that’s it, for every unique feature in your project, you have to separately pass some components through fire to see if they stand your need. 

In this simple project, the Arduino microcontroller with the help of the ADXL335 accelerometer reads the slightest tilt, and the Arduino commands the respective LEDs at the end of the tilt to come ON/OFF to indicate where the slope descends to. 

This means we can trust the accelerometer to check the tilt of any robot which is capable of of falling down through a particular one or two axis. An example of such robot is a self balancing robot.

Amazing the ADXL335 can do more than in this video. In terms of yaw, pitch and roll, this test on the adxl355 was to depicts its ability to sense just pitch and roll. It surely can also sense yaw too, which is an amazing feature. This suggests that, the accelerometer can be used in your future aircraft projects. 

A later test from the aeenics_labs will show its ability to read the “yaw”.

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  1. Nice tutorial
    Reading this tutorial brought an idea of developing a suspension object in the air (eg: a Drone)
    where the leds would be replace with Drone Motors + some small amplifier circuits

    will post the outcome here when am done 🙂