SCT013 Alternating Current Sensor for Arduino


This Non-Invasive AC current sensor can be used to measure the Amps of current flowing through a live wire without having to break the wire.

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The SCT013 Non-Invasive AC current sensor uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to measure the current flowing through a wire. The high currents being measured, is transformed into a proportionally lower current. With the help of a burden resistor, the current can be acurately measured by any microcontroller.


Core Material: Ferrit
External Material: Plastic
Input Current:0A-30A
Opening Size:13 x 13mm
Output Plug:3.5mm
Dielectric Strength:6000V AC/1min
Working Temperature:-25-70°C
Cable Length:1.5m
Anti-flaming rate:UL94-V0

Mechanical strength:>500(20°C)

Additional information

Weight 0.071 kg
Dimensions 5.7 × 3.2 × 2.2 cm


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