Bluetooth audio receiver template kit


Blue tooth audio receiver template stereo, wireless speaker power amplifier, modified DIY Bluetooth module

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  • The module features with stereo output built-in Bluetooth antenna .
  • The power supply voltage is 5V. It can be used as common power amplifier and active speaker to increase Bluetooth connection function.
  • PIN 7 output interface for spacing 2.54 through hole, 7PIN output interface for : + power, ground, left, right, mute, LED status indication, reserved port. Among them, the LED status port is connected with a 100 ohm resistor in series. The LED indicates that the Bluetooth is not connected and the flash is fast. After Bluetooth connection is successful, it is slow flashing.
  • Board size : 24mm X 19mm X 3mm.
  • Operating voltage range : 4.1V~5V (not more than 5.1V, when using charger power supply, car charging power supply or DC-DC power supply, pay attention to the power supply voltage and ripple voltage, can string a diode


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