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Aaenics UMaT is a Tech and Robotics club Initiative on the University of Mines and Technology Campus. The club was established by the Aaenics Community in 2019 with a vision of complimenting the university’s effort in producing problem solving oriented and well rounded engineers. The technological revolution in Africa calls for engineers who have the essential skills in hardware electronics development, programming microcontrollers and microprocessors, robotics, artificial intelligence and many more.  In this light, Aaenics UMaT uses an extracurricular approach to introduce and kickstart and train students to become developers in such fields.

This membership adds you to the Aaenics UMaT membership database. Members will have access to all Aaenics UMaT related materials and resources. Aaenics UMaT rewards you with a certificate after your 4 year participation in the club.

Aaenics UMaT - Per Semester Membership
8 payments of GH₵50 / 4 Months
Get access all Aaenics UMaT Courses
Get a certificate from the Aaenics Community
Participate in Weekly Aaedays
Get access to top level tutorials and submissions from the Aaenics Community
Aaenics UMaT - Per Year Club membership
4 payments of GH₵95 / 12 Months
Get access all Aaenics UMaT Courses
Participate in Weekly Aaedays
Get access to top level tutorials and submissions from the Aaenics Community
Get a certificate from the Aaenics Community
  • AU Senator/Tutor

    Aaron Ontoyin Yin

    I have learned a lot about electronics and technology, from being a student to a tutor at Aaenics. Not forgetting the room Aaenics has created for me to foster lasting connections with like-minded people - tech enthusiasts, innovators - the inventos of tomorrow's world!

  • AU President

    Frederick Minta

    "My name is Frederick Minta, I'm the current president of Aaenics UMaT ,My journey with Aaenics has been transformative, as I went from having no knowledge in the areas of IOT, electronics, and AI to becoming the President of the club. The support, resources, and environment at Aaenics have been invaluable in helping me achieve this growth and success.

  • AU Senator/ Tutor

    Janeth Frimpong

    I am Janet Frimpong a tutor at aaenics, teaching others has helped me to learn and grow in my own knowledge and experience. It's been a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Aaenics gave me the opportunity to share what I've learned with others and to continue to learn alongside them.

  • Tutor

    Ishmael Akanfah

    At childhood, I was known for crafting 'can cars' out of empty tins and designing amazing lighting systems with basic home equipment. I aspired to modify these skill to serve society, and Aaenics UMaT has been the answer to my 'how, why and what' questions concerning electronics and technology. As a tutor, I've developed self-confidence and the virtue of team work.

  • AU Senator/ Public Relations

    Biana Bottozah

    Bubune Biana Bottozah is my name. I am the public relations officer for Aaenics UMaT.
    Aaenics UMaT is technically my second home. When I felt like I had lost my opportunity to be part of the robotics world, I found Aaenics UMaT and it has been the best experience ever.